Taught by Gretta van Riel (4x founder of SkinnyMe Tea, Dropbottle, Skintox & The 5th Watches), the Start & Scale Your Online Store Course will take you from being a complete beginner to e-commerce, through to coming up with an idea, testing it out, creating a prototype of your product, setting up an online store, working with manufacturers all the way through to launching and scaling.  

We also show you how to build an audience of buyers who are ready to go from day one.

Here is an overview of the course modules:

  • Finding your idea

  • Branding and getting your store setup

  • Developing and planning your idea

  • Making your product profitable

  • Building an audience before you launch

  • Million Dollar Influencer Marketing Blueprint

  • Launch & operations

  • Scaling your store

As a member of this course, you will also have full access to our private Start & Scale Facebook group. This community is very active with 19k+ members, as well as the Foundr team, and Gretta herself. Students are encouraged to post to the group for feedback, advice, idea validation, and for extra support and encouragement.

Check out our student testimonials and case studies to find out more about how this course can help you to start and scale your own e-commerce business!