How long will it take to do the Instagram Domination course?

The Instagram Domination course is delivered through 6 modules, filled with video tutorials with clear action items for you to attempt. 

It is structured to take Instagram account members of all levels, from beginners to more advanced users, and the recommendations, tips, and strategies on how to build your presence on social media based on the tips and strategies we've tried, tested, and used to grow our account to over 3 million followers.

The main thing we want is for you to see results, so it's been designed around each video having an action step. While you will have access to all 6 modules as soon as you sign up to the course, we do recommend going through a maximum of 2 modules per week, to give yourself the time to action Nathan's teachings.

The course is designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind. It is 100% self-paced, with no deadlines or pressure. You can re-do it as many times as necessary.

Be sure to check out our student testimonials to find out more about how this course can help you grow your Instagram!