I want to start a tech startup, which course is for me?

If you're planning to have your own tech startup, you should check out 60-Day Startup

The 60-Day Startup methodology and program works for any kind of tech-related startup or business idea. From creating mobile apps and online platforms to launching SaaS companies and everything in between.

Mitch Harper, the instructor of 60-Day Startup, is the co-founder of BigCommerce, a thriving Software as a Service platform which he’s started and grown into a multi-million dollar business using the strategies he’s sharing with you within this course.

Here's an overview of the course content:

  • Module 1: Serious Shortcuts For A Successful Startup
  • Module 2: Finding Your “Painkiller Idea”
  • Module 3: Validating Product Demand & Getting The Money
  • Module 4: “Hands Off” Product Development & Design
  • Module 5: Becoming A Visionary Product Manager
  • Module 6: Getting Your First 100 Paying Customers
  • Module 7: Getting Your First 100 Paying Customers

60-Day Startup purely focuses on helping you go from idea to paying customers and sprinting to your first million as fast as possible!