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I’ve already started/got a business, is Start & Scale for me?


Good question! Start and Scale is not only for beginners to e-commerce but also for those who have existing business struggling with sales. 

Gretta is very good at branding and positioning, and we've found out that unless your company is doing over multiple 6 or 7 figures, you will get a large amount of value from the course using Gretta's social media and influencer marketing strategies.

For e-commerce store owners who are already doing 6 figures a year and who want to scale to 7+ figures using in-depth scaling methods, we have a more advanced course called Ecommerce Masters.

Ecommerce Masters is taught by 5 world-class e-commerce Founders, and will take you through our “5 Core Driver Method” - scaling using Facebook Ads, Advanced Influencer Marketing, New Products, Advanced Operations & Supply Chain, and Ecommerce Email Marketing.