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What does the How to Run Facebook Ads 2.0 course covers?

How to Run Facebook Ads 2.0 course will teach you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint to create winning ads from scratch, using whatever budget you have to work with.

Here is an overview of the course modules:

  • MODULE 1: Mastering The Facebook Ad Foundations
  • MODULE 2: Top Of Funnel Prospecting - Finding Your Target Market Everytime
  • MODULE 3: Middle Of Funnel - Re-Engagement To Drive Massive Traffic
  • MODULE 4: Bottom Of Funnel - Remarketing For Scaling & Sales
  • MODULE 5: Ad Creative That Consistently Converts
  • MODULE 6: Troubleshooting Common Problems & Avoiding Costly Mistakes
  • MODULE 7:  How to Thrive in the New Facebook (by Phoenix Ha)
  • MODULE 8: Creative and Tactics (Nick and Jordan)

The course is also equipped with new content around the latest Facebook update.

With the How to Run Facebook Ads 2.0 course, you’ll learn how to bring in new leads and customers at a profit every day!