What information does the List Building Course Bundle cover?

Each course in this bundle has been designed and developed by experts Stuart Mckeown and Oli Gardner in collaboration with Foundr, to help you grow your very own email list, and teach you how to build an effective landing page for your business, respectively. 

The List Building Mastery course, taught by Stuart McKeown, will help you master the steps necessary to start up and grow your email list:

  • Building a solid foundation

  • List Building Tactics (0-1000+ subscribers)

  • Advanced List Building Strategies

  • Building your business past your list

The Landing Page Formula course, taught by Oli Gardner, will take you through step-by-step how to optimise your most important pages online: 

  • Conversion-centered design fundamentals (overview and design principles for landing pages)

  • The clarity equation (key elements that successful landing pages have in common) 

  • Attention-driven design (visual design principles and split testing)

  • Changing on-page behaviour through data

Unlike other courses or programs teaching skills which are only applicable in specific industries, the ability to grow a list and optimize your landing pages applies to every single business imaginable.

They deal with the most fundamental aspect of business - turning visitors into leads and customers!